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Marie-Chantal GiguèreMarie-Chantal Giguère

Marie-Chantal Giguère


For the past 20 years, I perfected my sewing techniques and I have fallen in love with the trade that allowed me to fulfill my dream of owning a business by buying the store that I loved so much which fuel my passion.

Ann IvallAnn Ivall

Ann Ivall


I am passionate of sewing since I was 10 years old. I am very good with my hands and I like crafts.

I love to help people and to find solutions to sewing problems. I love my job.

Diane LemelinDiane Lemelin

Diane Lemelin


Passionate of art and crafts, I have done different types as long as I remember but sewing in particular for the past 14 years. I create skating dresses and costumes for musical shows for Top Passion at the Maison de la culture de Gatineau. I share my time between the office, Paquette Textiles and my passion since May 2011. I am also very happy to join the teachers of Paquette Textiles.

Monique TrottierMonique Trottier

Danielle Desjardins


I have been sewing for at least 25 years doing different type of projects includes graduation gowns. I have multiple passions including knitting, crafts and painting. I am also adding quilting to those passions. I joined Paquette Textiles’ team to help you realise your projects.

Nadine Lessard


I have fallen in the sewing basket since my teen age years. I love working with my hands. All the creative process is a passion for me. For the last several years, it has been knitting that got me hooked. And now, a new passion is taking root, your projects. It will be a pleasure to support you and to provide you with advice for all your creations. I will be waiting for you.

Louise Côté


I follow my dear Mother that taught me all the tricks of the sewing trade. I love sewing and I never stopped learning by taking sewing classes to get better. During my retirement, what better idea than to spent my free time in a sewing store... a child dream... working in a domain that I love!

Marie-Ève Morin-Belleau