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Create the look of traditional, hand-work stitching passed down through generations on the Sashiko Machine. Replicate this distinctive and celebrated stitch and add a hand-stitched touch to any project with a machine that is truly the first of its kind. For anyone who has seen the hand-stitching technique known as Sashiko, you'll be amazed that there's a machine that can replicate this distinctive stitch. This sweet, simple, but elegant stitch can embellish almost anything. Centuries of hand-stitched tradition ... and the first household machine of its kind. Enjoy the only machine to perfectly recreate the look of hand stitching, using the traditional and versatile Sashiko running stitch.

• Uses 30 weight or lighter threads
• Color LED panel for stitch function
• Specialty stitch mode
• U-Shaped fluorescent lighting
• Stitch length 2mm to 5mm
• Stitch space 2mm to 5mm
• Presser foot pressure adjustment
• Presser foot height adjustment
• Exclusive Creative Project Book


Precise Sashiko StitchesPrecise Sashiko Stitches Stitch controlStitch control Speciality Stitch ModeSpeciality Stitch Mode
A specialty needle working in conjunction with a latch wire system forms defined stitches and precise spacing to create a true hand-stitched look. Stitch Length Control
Create short or long stitches ranging from 2mm to 5mm using the adjustable lever.
Stitch Spacing Control
Create short or long spaces with adjustable spacing from 2mm to 5mm.
Complete control of stitch and spacing is essential for decorative techniques such as braiding, couching, cross-stitching and adding trim. Now with the specialty stitch mode, a complete cycle of one single stitch and space allows the control you need when single stitch sewing is desired.
Free flow sewingFree flow sewing LED monitorLED monitor Bobbin systemBobbin system
The adjustable presser foot height allows ease of turning fabric, stitching circles, squares and other shapes for complete control. This unique system allows you to easily recognize when the needle is creating a stitch or a space. The side loading, oscillating bobbin system is conveniently placed for fast and easy loading.


Sashiko Machine Specifications